Coleford Area Walking Festival | Walk 12: Thursday 18-May-17 Nightlife Wildlife Walk
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Walk 12: Thursday 18-May-17 Nightlife Wildlife Walk

Starting at the Forest Holidays Forest Retreat, we will follow the High Meadow trail towards Symonds Yat Rock before following the cycle trail to Bracelands Adventure Centre. We will then pass through a meadow and woodland before looping around Bracelands campsite and skirting around the periphery of the Forest Holidays site to arrive back at our starting point

Our special guest for the walk ‘The Professor’, our captive bred Barn Owl ,will make an appearance and accompany us throughout. We will stop periodically during the walk to discuss Forest wildlife and give attendees the opportunity to hold Professor and have photographs with him.

Depending on circumstance, there may be a possibility to spot wildlife and if weather permits we may do some bat detecting on route.

Moderate levels of fitness are required and attendees are advised to have sturdy footwear and dress appropriately for a night time walk. Torches are required.

Refreshments are available at the Forest Retreat all day from 8am till 8pm.

Dogs welcome – to be on lead at all times


Place:       Forest Holidays, Forest Retreat, Bracelands Drive, Coleford, GL16 7NN, Map ref SO 568129

Time:        8:30pm – 10:30pm

Cost £5 per person