Coleford Area Walking Festival | Walk 25: Sunday 21-May-17 Staunton Walk
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Walk 25: Sunday 21-May-17 Staunton Walk

Explore the village of Staunton.  The 4.6 km trail includes rough tracks, paths and 2 stiles.  Starting from the Village Hall which was built in 1828, the walk will pass The Steps (C17th house), Staunton House (reputedly haunted), Morning Wood (it was the Cock Public House and Garden in 17C), Brindsey Well, Meend Cottage (home of George Woodcock, coachman to King George III), Searchlight Site (during WW2), Dry Stone Wall (recently restored), the Buckstone (said to be the scene of ancient Druid rituals), Frog’s Mouth, Toll House (controlled the toll gate for the Monmouth/Gloucester), the White Horse, St John the Baptist’s Well, The Butts (long bow training area during Medieval times), the Rectory, All Saints Church, the Almshouses and Preaching Cross (built before 1659, one of the oldest buildings in the village), Castle Ditch and Cave, and the Pound where they held stray cattle and sheep.


Place:        Meet at Staunton Village Hall

Time:        3 – 5pm


Cost:          £5 per person